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VIDEX 8000 Series


As a direct result of the overwhelming success of the 4000 Series, Videx have remodelled and improved the popular 800 Series and introduced, as its replacement the Videx 8000 Series.

The Videx 8000 range of modular push button panels allows the installer or end user to customise the appearance of the out door station in an easy and cost effective way dicated by the requirements of the installation.

The 8000 modules are assembled into suporting frames (which can be flush or surafce mounting) and are available to house from 1 up to 9 modules. Full Electrical and mechanical compatibility has been retained, most of the 8000 Series modules have the same terminal configuration as the 800 Series and all modules in the 8000 Series range will fit the 800 Series supporting frames.

The re-designed 8000 Series incorporates mechincal improvements for improved weather resistance and up-dating of the electronicsfor more reliable operation in harsher environmental conditions.

The remoulded 8000 Series front supports, rainshields and surface mounting untis are available in a range of finishes.