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Access Controls

Access control is becoming crucially important for the security of buildings, property, employees and their belongings. The end goal is to control and regulate who has access to, around and within buildings. The complexity of the access control system can vary in accordance with the end user requirements.

Standalone Access Controls in the home and business

Standalone access control solutions provide digital keypad and or proximity readers for standalone doors where access and egress are the only requirements. There are a variety of these products offering a wide range of features and solutions that are both cost effective and user friendly.

Small to medium sized commercial properties

Networked access control can act as a standalone system for a single door or as a networked system. Networked systems can comprise of one or several access points that are individually controlled and are connected to a central host or server. They transfer information in real-time about door access. The whole system is networked in such a manner that the operator finds it easy and simple to manage from a central location.

Commercial properties

Scalable card and fob access control systems are designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise. These systems are highly flexible and feature rich.

Single or multi user systems for one or more sites. The control begins delivering its applications at the car park barrier, through to the buildings entry points. With readers placed on internal doors and elevator control it can limit movement around the building. The reader installed at access points is dependent on how secure a room needs to be.

  • Proximity
  • Smart Card
  • Biometrics
  • Keypad
  • Stand-alone, Networked and LAN/WAN versions of the above Technologies are available.
  • Building Block design means that small systems can be expanded as the need arises.
  • Full range of Fail-Safe & Fail-Secure Electronic Locking